“I actually think that being a girl is so powerful that we’ve had to train everyone not to be that,” –Eve Ensler



whats going on in israel yo

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lisa simpson is my spirit animal.

lisa simpson is my spirit animal.

PGF: competition - in the market and our lives

A segment from my womanifesto: Pretty Girl Feminism

"Our economy is based off of the ‘ethics of the market,’ and with that there is priority placed on competition.  To be part of the market, one must be able to compete.  Our entire economy stems from competition.  We are socialized to compare things and decide what is best—however, it is under the guise of competition that we think we are making our own decisions, when really we’re choosing between two mascaras.  Does one need mascara to survive?  No, but our socio-political economy has framed the beauty industry in such a way that we don’t really think about that—it’s a staple instead of a decision.  This ‘has created a $160-billion-a-year global industry ranging from weight-loss preparations, cosmetics, skin and hair care, and perfumes to cosmetic surgery, health clubs, and hormone injections,’ (Patzer, 2008).  When we are constantly comparing objects and services, we begin to constantly compare ourselves and others to invisible ideals of ‘perfection.’ And so, we begin to hate ‘her.’” 

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